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Man Rules

Ladies, we love you to bits and we really can’t live without you but there are a few things that you need to know about us.

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On-line Dating Site – WWW 301 Redirect

Chances are, if you have an on-line dating, or related, website, you are finding it harder than you thought to consistently creep up the SERP ranking. This one simple tip can help you move toward the results you desire!

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On-line Dating Business

The on-line dating business is currently turning at an incredible $1.7 billion per year and growing at a phenomenal rate. You’re joking. $1.7 billion? That’s what I said. This is a massive business, an industry bigger than the GDP of some countries.

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Missed Opportunity

Guys, imagine you’re in a restaurant and you catch the eye of the woman who you are completely sure is the love of your life – really, that “love at first sight” thing. You eventually overcome your shyness, walk over, introduce yourself, and finally sit at the same table.